Workplace Wellness


To realize the benefits of health promotion, and to curb the costs of rising health care, your business can offer workplace health or workplace wellness programs to employees. A workplace health program is a health promotion activity or organization-wide policy designed to support healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes while at work. These programs consist of activities such as health education and coaching, weight management programs, medical screenings, and on-site fitness programs.

Workplace health programs also include policies intended to facilitate employee health, including:

  • Allowing time for exercise
  • Providing on-site kitchens and eating areas
  • Offering healthful food options in vending machines
  • Holding "walk and talk" meetings
  • Offering financial and other incentives for participation

Effective workplace programs, policies, and environments that are health-focused and worker-centered have the potential to significantly benefit employers, employees, their families, and communities.

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