Training Requirements

Employers are also required to provide training materials and have a written policy regarding misuse of alcohol and use of controlled substances. The following specific requirements must be satisfied:

  • Employers are required to provide educational materials for drivers and training for supervisors prior to the start of testing.
  • Employers must develop a written policy on controlled substance use and alcohol misuse in the workplace and provide a copy of the policy to every driver. The policy must contain certain required content.
  • Additionally, the employer must maintain a statement signed by each employee certifying receipt of the policy/educational materials.

Additionally, employers must provide training to all persons who supervise drivers subject to the regulations. The purpose of this training is to enable supervisors to determine whether reasonable suspicion exists to require a driver to undergo reasonable suspicion testing. The training must include at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes on controlled substances use (120 minutes total).

Measures the Employer Must Take If Offering an Employee the Opportunity to Return to a DOT Safety-Sensitive Position

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