Workplace Violence Prevention Plans

Your hospitality establishment can implement a variety of measures to help prevent workplace violence and ensure employee and guest safety, and incorporate these measures into a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan.

This plan may include a number of components that can help protect employees from workplace violence:

Zero-Tolerance Policy

To minimize the incidents of workplace violence, hospitality employers should establish a zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence against or by their employees. The policy can be part of a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan, or the policy can be incorporated into an existing accident prevention program, employee handbook, or manual of standard operating procedures. The policy should make clear that all claims of workplace violence will be investigated and remedied promptly.

Pre-Employment Screening

In consultation with HR and legal personnel, your hotel or place of hospitality can develop pre-employment screening techniques that include (subject to any applicable laws):

  • Interview questions; and  
  • Background and reference checks.

Security Measures

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