Fire Safety

Hotel fires are caused by a variety of hazards, including smoking materials, electrical problems, cooking fires, and arson. Hotel fires, once started, have the potential to cause significant injury because of high occupancy loads; guests' relative unfamiliarity with the design of the hotel; and because many guests may not speak English and/or may have difficulty understanding directions, whether given in writing or orally. 

To implement proper fire safety, employers should recognize the various fire hazards that exist in the workplace and implement a Fire Prevention Plan to help control these hazards.

Fire Hazards

Common sources of hotel fire hazards include:

  • Missing or broken fire safety equipment.
  • Trash that has accumulated (e.g., combustible material, cigarette butts).
  • Fire doors that have been left open.
  • Exit doors that are locked.
  • Stairways that are blocked.
  • Exit lights that are burned out or that otherwise do not work.

To help promote fire safety, hotel owners should consider implementing the following measures:  

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