"Struck-By" Objects Safety

Struck-By Safety

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Being struck by objects is a leading cause of construction-related deaths. "Struck-by" injuries are typically caused by falling/flying objects, and construction of masonry walls, and can be prevented by observing proper safety precautions.

Preventing Injuries from Falling & Flying Objects

Workers are at risk of being struck by falling objects when these workers are beneath cranes, scaffolds, or where overhead work is being performed. Workers are at risk of being struck by flying objects when power tools, or activities like pushing, pulling, or prying may cause objects to become airborne. Injuries from being struck by falling or flying objects can range from minor abrasions to concussions, blindness, or death.

OSHA requires that employers take certain general protective measures for workers who are exposed to falling objects. These measures include:

  • Providing each employee with a hard hat;
  • Erecting toe boards, screens, or guardrail systems to prevent objects from falling from higher levels;
  • Erecting a canopy structure that keeps potential fall objects far enough from the edge of the higher level so that these objects would not go over the edge if accidentally displaced; or
  • Barricading the area to which objects can fall; and prohibiting employees from entering the barricaded area.

Specific Hazards & Safety Measures

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