Crane Safety

Crane Safety

This page covers the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Ground Condition Safety Measures
  • Crane Assembly & Disassembly
  • Shift Inspections
  • Compliance with Rated Capacity Requirements
  • Pre-Operation Precautions
  • Crane Safety During Operations
  • Additional Information


According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), moving large, heavy loads with cranes is crucial to the construction industry. Crane operation requires that safety measures be implemented to protect both the operators of cranes, as well as the workers in proximity to the cranes.

Significant and serious injuries to construction workers may occur if:

  • Cranes are not inspected before use;
  • Cranes are not used properly (for example, when a worker is struck by an overhead load or caught within the crane's swing radius); or 
  • When the boom of a crane or its load line contact an overhead power line.

To minimize the risk of injury to workers, employers must take measures to ensure that cranes are used only when ground conditions are adequate, that pre-operation precautions are followed, and that cranes are properly maintained, inspected, and operated.

Ground Condition Safety Measures

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