Noncompliance Penalties

To enforce its laws and regulations, OSHA may impose upon employers notices of de minimis (i.e., not significant) violations or, in more serious cases, penalties, for employer violations of workplace safety requirements. Employers generally have the right to contest the type of citation and the amount of the proposed monetary penalty.

Types of Violations

De Minimis Violations

OSHA is authorized to issue notices of de minimis violations. A de minimis violation is a technical violation that does not directly impact health or safety. These violations occur when the employer has implemented a measure different from one specified in a standard that has no direct or immediate relationship to safety or health. OSHA does not impose penalties or issue citations for these violations. 

Violations Containing Monetary Penalties

More serious violations generally carry monetary penalties. The amount of a penalty OSHA may impose depends upon the type of violation committed by the employer. Types of violations for which an employer may be cited (in the form of a Notice of Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Conditions, OSHA-2H Form) include: 

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