OSHA Form 301 Requirement

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to complete OSHA Form 301 to supplement the information recorded on OSHA Form 300. Information that must be recorded on OSHA Form 301 includes information about the injured or ill employee, information about the physician or other health care professional that treats the injured or ill employee, and detailed information about the injury or illness.

OSHA Form 301 is available as a PDF fillable document or Excel spreadsheet. Instructions for completing the form are available here.

Who Must Complete OSHA Form 301?

All employers who must fill out the OSHA Form 300 must complete OSHA Form 301. To determine if a company must fill out OSHA Form 300, click here. 

What is Required to Complete OSHA Form 301?

OSHA Form 301 is used to provide detailed information about each recordable injury or illness entered on OSHA Form 300. Thus, when completing OSHA Form 301, employers should have access to their OSHA Form 300.

What Must Be Recorded on OSHA Form 301?

OSHA Form 301 requires employers to provide the following information for each case recorded on OSHA Form 300:  

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