OSHA Form 300A Requirement

OSHA Form 300A is an end of the year form that summarizes the number of cases recorded on OSHA Form 300, the total number of days away from work and number of days of job transfer or restriction recorded on OSHA Form 300, and the total number of injuries, skin disorders, respiratory conditions poisonings, hearing losses, and all other illnesses recorded on OSHA Form 300. The completed OSHA Form 300A must be posted annually in a visible location so employees are aware of injuries and illnesses occurring in the workplace.

OSHA Form 300A is available as a PDF fillable document or Excel spreadsheet. Instructions for completing the form are available here.

Who Must Complete OSHA Form 300A?

All employers who must fill out the OSHA Form 300 must complete OSHA Form 301, even if no work-related injuries or illnesses occurred during the year. To determine if a company must fill out OSHA Form 300, click here. 

What is Required to Complete OSHA Form 300A?

OSHA Form 300A is a summary of the information contained on OSHA Form 300. Thus, when completing OSHA Form 300A, employers should have access to their OSHA Form 300.

What Must Be Recorded on OSHA Form 300A?

The following information must be recorded on OSHA Form 300A:

  • The name, address, industry description, and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) or North American Industrial Classification (NAICS) of the establishment.
  • Average annual number of employees.  

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