Evaluating & Reassessing Your Hazard Communication Program

Your Hazard Communication program must remain accurate and up to date; as such, it will be necessary to periodically evaluate and reassess your program.

The list of hazardous chemicals required to be maintained as part of the written program will serve as an inventory. As new chemicals are purchased, the list must be updated. Likewise, revisions to the inventory of chemicals should be made when you eliminate chemicals in the workplace. The inventory also can be used to ensure that you have safety data sheets for all chemicals in the workplace, and such revisions are key to ensuring that is achieved. Many companies have found it convenient to include on their purchase orders the name and address of the person designated in their company to receive safety data sheets, to help maintain a complete set.

Proactive monitoring of the workplace is critical to ensuring compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard. As new safety data sheets for chemicals are received, there should be a process in place to review them and determine whether any handling procedures need to change to protect against the hazards of these chemicals. Using information on the safety data sheet effectively will make safer workplace conditions a standard business practice in your facility.

This simple checklist will help to ensure that you are in compliance with the standard:

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