Tornadoes can occur anywhere and at any time of the year, averaging 800 annually in the U.S. The most violent tornadoes may have wind speeds of 250 miles per hour or more, and may last for more than an hour. Sometimes multiple tornadoes may occur at the same time. Tornadoes can appear rapidly, so it is important to be familiar with the signs to stay prepared.

Weather radar systems can detect air movement that indicates a tornado may be likely to form. Environmental clues may also suggest a tornado is forming. Signs to look for include:

  • Dark, often greenish clouds or sky
  • Wall cloud
  • Large hail
  • Funnel cloud
  • Roaring noise

As stated above, tornadoes can occur with little or no warning, so taking precautions in advance of the storms is essential. This section will provide information to help employers and workers stay safe if a tornado occurs.

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