EAP Tips

The following tips can help ensure that your company's Emergency Action Plan is clear, readily accessible, accurate, and detailed:

  • Write the plan “site-specifically” with respect to emergency conditions evaluated, evacuation policies and procedures, emergency reporting mechanisms, and alarm systems.
  • Take into account how appropriate emergency procedures might vary depending on variables such as time (i.e. procedures for a morning evacuation may differ from those for an evening one) or days of the week (i.e. weekday vs. weekend).
  • When developing the plan, include a diverse group of representatives (management and employees) in the planning process and meet frequently to review progress and allocate development tasks.
  • Consider including a telephone calling tree in the plan, or an out-of-town phone number where employees can leave an “I’m Okay” message in a catastrophic disaster.
  • Include in the plan photographs of tangible things critical to an evacuation, such as workspace emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and First Aid locations. Also include photographs of any equipment or machinery

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