BIA Questionnaire

Questions regarding processes, impacts, and the severity and extent of impacts seek information that is specific to different departments within your business. Therefore, to obtain the answers, you should prepare questionnaires that are targeted to elicit as much useful information as possible. To do this, the questionnaires should seek the relevant information from the appropriate managers and employees—i.e., the people within the business whose expertise allows them to best answer the questions. 

Questionnaire Development

The questionnaire should be distributed to those managers and others within the business with knowledge of basic business operations, including knowledge of:

  • How the business manufactures its products or provides its services;
  • Dependencies among business units/processes; and
  • The criticality of business processes.

Additional Questionnaire Considerations

The BIA questionnaire should also seek information that allows you to predict how the business would function in the event of an emergency disruption, so that you can then develop the appropriate recovery strategies. Questions should include:

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