Phishing Prevention

This page features the following topics regarding phishing and phishing prevention:

  • Overview 
  • Types of Phishing Emails 
  • Phishing Prevention
  • Phishing Training Tips
  • Reporting Phishing
  • Additional Information 


"Phishing" is a technique used by hackers and cyber-criminals to direct users to fraudulent websites. Users are then asked to provide personal information, such as credit card information, bank account numbers, and other valuable or sensitive information.  In addition, the fraudulent websites may expose users to malicious software code that can disrupt an entire business's computer network. This section describes the nature of phishing scams, provides information on what your organization can to do avoid becoming a victim of these scams, outlines phishing prevention training for your employees, and discusses how to report phishing scams to law enforcement authorities.

Types of Phishing Emails

Phishing is a form of social engineering, a kind of attack in which the attacker uses human interaction to obtain or compromise information about an organization or its computer systems. Phishing attacks use email or malicious websites to solicit personal or financial information, and to infect your machine with malware and viruses.  

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