Data Encryption

An essential data protection technology is encryption. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), encryption has been used to protect sensitive data and communications for decades, and today's encryption is very affordable, easy-to-use, and highly effective in protecting data from prying eyes. Encryption encodes or scrambles information to such an advanced degree that it is unreadable and unusable by anyone who does not have the proper key to unlock the data.

Encryption is affordable for even the smallest business, and some encryption software is free. You can use encryption to encrypt or protect an entire hard drive, a specific folder on a drive, or just a single document. You can also use encryption to protect data on a USB or thumb drive and on any other removable media.

Types of Storage Encryption Technologies

A variety of encryption technologies are used to encrypt the data stored in end user devices, such as personal or business computers, consumer devices (including smart phones), and removable storage media (USB flash drives, external hard drives, writeable CDs or DVDs). These technologies are discussed below.

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