Cyber-attacks on your company's computer network and applications can cause software and computer damage as well as theft of vitally important data. According to the FBI, cybercrime—unauthorized computer and network intrusions—is an incredibly serious and growing threat. Cybercrime causes billions of dollars to be lost every year repairing networks hit by cyber-attacks. Data stored in software and applications is also vulnerable to cyber-theft. According to the Federal Communications Commission, theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported type of fraud, surpassing physical theft.

To ensure the security of your computer applications, data, and networks, your business should develop a cybersecurity awareness and training program.

The purpose of a cybersecurity program is to prevent unintended or unauthorized access to systems—data, computers, programs, and networks. A cybersecurity program consists of technologies, practices, and policies that address threats or vulnerabilities in these systems to prevent theft, loss, and failure.

A workplace cybersecurity awareness and training program consists of:

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